A little background about what it means to be a "Zebe"

Brotherhood An introduction to our brotherhood

Brotherhood lies at the core of the fraternity at Alpha Delta chapter. It is our most efficient and most applied for branch of the house. At ZBT Alpha Delta, we pride ourselves on having the best brotherhood on the row. Nowhere else on the row can a house boast the numerous activities participated in by the brothers of ZBT. Every week the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau can be found hanging out, or congregating during brotherhood events.

The unique instances of brotherhood at ZBT Alpha Delta are found within our Internal network of the house. It consists of many factions, but specifically mentioned in this site: Membership Development and Brotherhood Development.

Our Membership Development Directors are responsible for the education of new members. The highly coveted position of MDD has the most applicants every year because they serve a crucial position in our house as the sculptors of our future. It is the MDD’s responsibility to teach our core values to new members, and to ensure the goals and ideals of ZBT remain consistent.

Our Brotherhood Development Directors are responsible for the continued involvement of our brothers in fraternity activities. This branch consists of appointed brothers whose duty is to coordinate brother-only events. This past year, our BDD’s were responsible for road trips to all away football games, multiple paint-balling events, roll-outs to Medieval Times, poker nights, Brotherhood Olympics, and going to tapings of TV shows such as “The Price is Right” to name a few.

Brotherhood produces our sacred rituals and treasured traditions. It is the special connection that bonds the members of ZBT, and keeps the fraternity alive. Fraternity men will tell you over and over again that the most important part of their ZBT experience is the friendship. Alumni tell us their favorite life experiences were those in the fraternity, whether it was 5 years ago or 50. What lies at the core of ZBT is the difference between a Social Club and a Brotherhood. Social Clubs are for the good times and for hanging out. Brotherhood is for all times, and for hanging in. "Here's to our Fraternity"

LeadershipZeta Beta Tau Alpha Delta Leadership

Executive Board

President | Ran Woodfin

Vice President, Internal | Austin Tochner

Vice President, External | Jake Kelfer

Vice President, Greek Relations | Alexander Snowski

Vice President, Finance | Daniel Levitt

Secretary | Micah Solit

House Positions

Rush Chairman | Henry Valesquez

Rush Chairman | Jono Wening


Executive Trustee | Harold Davidson

Executive Trustee | Richard Kaplan

Trustee | Les Mayers

Trustee | Scott Farkas

Trustee | Aaron Kahn

Trustee | Brandon Smith

Chapter Advisor | Chris Copping

Faculty Advisor | Bob Shames


News and Events
Updates of Recent Events

April 16, 2012
2012 Greek Awards
For our efforts over the past year, we were recognized with the President's Award for Overall Excellence for Fraternities on campus as well as awards for New Member Programming, Membership Development, and Community Service.

November 30, 2011
Two Brothers Win IFC Executive Board
Alpha Delta chapter is proud to announce that two of its brothers won positions on IFC, the new president, Michael Madden, and and Vice President of Recruitment, Andrew Pince.

November 28, 2011
New House
The Alpha Delta chapter of Zeta Beta Tau is proud to announce our new location on the row next year, on 668 W. 28th St.

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About Us

Zeta Beta Tau is located at the north east corner of 28th St and University, on 938 W. 28th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

President's Welcome

picture"Zeta Beta Tau pursues excellence in everything we do, whether that translates into community service, philanthropy, social, and, above all, brotherhood."
Ran Woodfin ; President (Spring 2012-Fall 2012)